An introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of managing organizations and people in art-related professions.  Awareness of the field, private and public arts agencies and an introduction to the functions of visual, performing, and literary arts organizations.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will complete the following learning outcomes:

1.    Discover their unique skills in arts administration and align those skills with an academic and professional career plan.

2.    Understand the role arts administration plays in the United States and globally, as well as its history and the career opportunities available.

3.    Identify issues particular to arts administration, then analyze and compare best practices in solving those issues.

4.    Understand of the basic functions and organizational structure of for-profit and non-profit arts organizations including management techniques, governance, strategic planning, marketing, audience development, and fundraising.

5.    Identify key research sources of information in the arts administration field including public databases of policy documents, theoretical models, or industry practices.